Prints & Framing




The Prints are realized on Fine Art Pearl paper


All our prints are realized on Fine Art Pearl paper

It is however possible to realize prints on different kinds of paper than on those which are currently available through a special order :


- Fine Art Rag Baryta
- Fine Art Rag Satin
- Fine Art Rag
- Fine Art Rag Ultra Smooth
- Fine Art Rag Bright White
- Fine Art Rag WT (William Turner)
The printing of photogrpahs on Fine Art paper guarantees a good conservation of the art works as time goes by.

Print sizes
Not all the materials and sizes are referenced on this site.

It is however possible to order different sizes of prints through a special order.



One of the two aluminium plates which are thermally bonded to a central plate of solid polyethylene.

The Dibond is lighter than aluminium but it was made to keep its great rigidity and and its flatness. It is stainless, rot, resists corrosion, UV and shock.

The Dibond plates are usually available with a thickness of 2, 3 or 4 mm.

By default, those proposed by OBGallery are 2 mm thick.

The back frame is highly recommended beyond a size of 50 x70.


Classic frame


Oak-wood frame, black, brown or white with mat in white.
Frame dimensions :


40x50cm for 24x36 Prints

50x70cm for 30x45 Prints


Dimension of the picture frame : 2cm (width) x 1,5cm (thickness)

For specific requests, don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

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